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The best web development tools of 2021

The best web development tools of 2021

The speed at which web development is evolving is getting very hard to comprehend. A decade ago, we couldn’t even fathom the possibility of the technologies and online services that are available nowadays

With the demands from web browser apps increasingly becoming more complicated, web developers need to come up with better and more resourceful tools in order to keep up to date with the growing expectations. Thanks to the plethora of software companies and industrious community members that provide developers with better and effective libraries, frameworks and web applications almost every day, the life of developers is certainly becoming more and more interesting. 

Just as consumers are expecting more from software development, the very definition of a web developer is also changing. Nowadays customers expect a developer to be somewhat a “jack of all trades”. Someone who is able to change the context of their work, collaborate easily with cross-functional product groups and deliver exactly what the customers demand. 

In this article we will be reviewing the best web development tools of 2021

Code and Text Editors

Without code and text editors, a web developer would be lost. Once a web developer chooses an editor they are most comfortable with, they tend to stick with it for several years.

Code and Text Editors
  • Atom

Atom is a relatively new editor. Recently developed and released in 2014 by the GitHub, Atom has been depicted as a “hackable editor of the 21st century” Atom is known for its smooth workflow as well as for being quite intuitive. One noteworthy feature of this editor is that it has the ability to cater to individual needs and preferences. It is also available with a large range of extensions 

  • Sublime Text

Amongst one of the most famous text code editors, Sublime Text is available totally free of charge for download. Although after you complete the evaluation, you are required to pay for a license. Sublime can be used on different platforms such as Windows, MacOs and Linux. It has a fast navigation, is highly adaptive as well as has simultaneous editing with a Python-based plug-in. 

  • Vim

A significantly easy to set up text editor, Vim allows its user to swiftly create and alter any kind of text. Vim comes with a built-in as “vi” with most UNIX systems as well as with Apple OS X.

  • Visual Code Studio

Visual Studio Code is another source-code editor that was developed by Microsoft which also works on Windows, Linux as well as macOS platforms. VCS prominent features are its debugging, intelligent code completion, high-quality snippets, embedded Git control as well as GitHub, the syntax highlighting, and its code refactoring.

Web Application Frameworks

Web Application Frameworks

Web Application Frameworks are essentially software libraries specifically designed to developers build and create web services, web resources as well as web APIs. Selecting the correct framework for your project is crucial, as your product becomes more established and complex with time, changing to a different framework might cost you both money and time. Mentioned below is some of the few most famous web frameworks that include both frontend and backend. But before you decide on anything, we would advise that you do your own research as well and weigh out all the viable choices. 

  • Ruby On Rails

Ruby On Rails has quite often been mentioned amongst JavaScript, Python or Java — but if you look closer you’ll quickly see that Ruby on Rails is not an independent coding language after all. But rather it is a framework that is based on the Ruby programming language. Rails is specifically famous for being effortless to maintain and promises many prospects for dev-collaboration. 

  • ReactJS

Almost certainly the most famous Javascript of 2021, ReactJS has been both created and maintained by the social media star, Facebook. This was also an early advocate of constituent based UI development. Another reason why React has been so well liked is because of React Native, that permits its’ users to use similar styles of application code used to create Native UI Android as well as iOS apps. 

  • Django

A famous high-level Python framework; Django is renowned for promoting quick development, is well organized as well has practical software designs. Django is also known to be amongst the most safe and secure web frameworks of 2021. 

  • Vue.js

Considerably a newer front end javascript framework, Vue.js offers a more rational, and batteries-included approach towards web development, as opposed to other famous libraries such as React and Angular 2. 

  • MeteorJS

Meteor is a free of charge as well as open-source isomorphic JavaScript web framework (a framework runs on both the client as well as server sides) MeteorJS is written using NodeJS. It is thought to be one of the best frameworks for fast prototyping, all thanks to an incorporated JavaScript stack that encompasses all from the database and to the end user’s screen. Developers can also use the same code regardless of the fact that they are building a desktop application, web, iOS or for Android.


An open source server side framework; ASP.Net is used for building web applications with help from .NET and C# and was developed by Microsoft in 2002. Although it has been many years since it was released it is still popular amongst developers. 


Although there are many other web development tools, but we think that the above mentioned ones are the most important in mentioning with regard to editors and frameworks. The world of web development is ever changing.  Current developers need to have a variety of tools in their tool kits. It is also crucial to stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry in order to remain efficient and ahead of the game.

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