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The Complete Guide to Hiring Web Developers

The Complete Guide to Hiring Web Developers

Have you been entrusted with the task of making your company’s website and you are wondering whether or not you need a web developer, and if you do then how do you hire the best fit for your company requirements? Well, either way you have come to the correct place. We are here to give you the complete guide to hiring web developers

In the past, it might have been essential to hire a web developer for making websites and web applications but it is not the case anymore. Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla and not to forget Drupal have aided people in building websites on their own, furthermore, there are now even website builders available such as Wix which lets you make websites via simple drag and drop options. 

But there are three very excellent reasons for you to hire professional help and not do the task yourself. 

  1. Hiring a professional web developer will help save you tons of time!
  2. They can help you make a more professional website
  3. They can help you with the more technical aspects of the website

Now that you have decided that you are going to hire a web developer after all, let us get started on how to find the most suitable person for your job

Define your project

In order to find the most appropriate web developer for you task, you first need to define your project and what your requirements are. 

Are you planning to hire a professional to work on an already existing website? Maybe make some changes or fix bugs or maybe build up a website from scratch? 

Make a list of the requirements you need before you start interviewing potential candidates

What Kind of Web Developer Do You Need?

Once you are certain about your web development requirements, now is the time to decide what kind of developer you need to hire. Essentially the term “web developer” encompasses a multitude of various skills and responsibilities 

Designer VS Developer

Contrary to popular belief web designer and web developers are two entirely different responsibilities. As the name suggests a web designer is more concerned with the aesthetics and feel of the website. How does the website look? Is it easy on the eye? Will the customer be able to navigate it easily, so on and so forth.

A Web developer on the other hand is on the coding end of the deal, they are the ones that actually put the ideas and aspirations of a web designer into reality. 

Front-End VS Back-End Developers

Front-End VS Back-End Developers

Front End Developers are similar to web designers in most ways as they are also responsible for the front-end or customer end of the website, which includes the look, the feel, the language etc. of the website. 

Back-End Developers

Back-End Developers are more concerned with the working behind the customer end of the website. How do the buttons work? Is the “add to cart” button working on an e-commerce website? How the drop down menu works etc.  The skills of Back-End Developers include, but are not limited to PHP, Java, Ruby, Rails or Python, and any other programming languages.

Another option in finding the most appropriate fit is that you can hire a Full-stack Developer. A Full Stack developer is a programmer who is proficient in both front end as well as back end programming. They have a variety of skills such as design, implantation as well as coding. 

Although they might not be highly skilled in either but they can get the job done easily. 

How to Post your project?

Once you have a clear and concise idea about your project and your requirements, now is the time to create the actual project offer or job offer. 

Here is a list of some crucial details that you need to include when posting your project

  • Information about your company, brand, business groups, target market etc. 
  • A brief project summary
  • What deliverables are required of the web developer?
  • Time frame
  • The ideal candidate you are looking for

And any other details you might want to add regarding your company and project requirements.

Assessing Potential Web developer applicants

Once you post your project online, you will start getting offers, now the question arises is how to decide which web developer to hire? To make things easier for you we are going to give you some tips in selecting the most suitable candidate for your project

  • Look for the technical requirements; does the applicant check this box?
  • How is the candidate’s response time? 
  • Are their communication skills well enough? Do they understand your project requirements? Are they able to express their concerns and ideas suitably?
  • Previous projects or past experience: Does the potential candidate have the required experience?

Other things like customer reviews, past project examples are something that will also help you to judge the candidate and their abilities. 

Although anyone with a good knowledge of web development can build a website nowadays, but it is always prudent to hire a specialized web developer. A web developer will not only help come up with a more professional result, but they tend to take less time as well. Outsourcing tasks such as this will let you have more time to focus on other important business things. 

Although finding the most suitable web developer can seem like an overwhelming task, as there are many important things to consider but it gets easier with experience.  But with our guide, hopefully you will find the most perfect match for your business quite effectively.

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